Our company has been dealing with straightening of buildings for over 20 years. The experience gained, combined with the technology based on computer-controlled hydraulic jacks, guarantee full safety of our investments. We saved many single-family houses, as well as larger buildings, such as schools, multi-storey residential buildings and churches from liquidation.

The first spectacular achievement was the straightening in 2002 of a tall, 11-storey residential building in Katowice. The weight of each of the two segments of the facility exceeded 3,800 tons. Today, the repaired and rectified skyscrapers, MPL has much more to offer. So far, over 500 buildings have been straightened, mostly single-family houses, but also approx. 60 segments of five-story buildings, 40 segments up to 11 floors, and three churches. The oldest rectified building was 275 years old.

We undertake straightening, lifting and moving of construction objects.

We have our own design office, which allows us to handle investments from the design phase to implementation. We have qualified staff with all the permissions necessary to perform the tasks entrusted to us.

In our projects, we use equipment from renowned manufacturers. We perform concrete processing works using diamond technology (drilling and cutting). As one of the few companies, we have a hybrid mini-excavator with electric power, which allows us to carry out demolition works inside buildings.

Building rectification - a process aimed at restoring an object to its previous (original) state. The works consist in straightening the body of the building and obtaining verticality of the walls and the horizontalness of the ceilings.


The process of straightening a building consists of three basic phases:

Phase 1

In phase one, the building is detached. An irregular horizontal gap is formed extending from jack to jack. The formation of this gap is stimulated by sequential displacement of individual lifts.

Phase 2

The second phase is parallel lifting. All jacks take the same number of steps, as a result of which the building is raised to a height of 2-3 cm. It is necessary so that in the next straightening step the edges of the straightened part and remaining in the ground do not get caught on each other.

Phase 3

The leveling phase is the main phase of rectification and it comes down to uneven lifting of the building.


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